About CSI Technology Group
A Developer with Experience
CSI Technology Group (CSI), located in Keasbey (Raritan Center), has matured since its inception in 1990 into a successful software development and service provider.  In 1997 CSI introduced our flagship product, the Intranet-based solution, InfoShare, to our first client, the Prosecutor's Office in Atlantic County, NJ. CSI employed the latest browser-based technology to help Atlantic County prosecutors manage their cases and legal documents.
Since then, InfoShare has been adopted by all twenty-one County Prosecutor's Offices in the state of New Jersey. With continuous efforts, CSI has extended our browser-based application to other agencies,  including the State Office of the Public Defender of NJ, the New Jersey Attorney General's Office, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities and the Middlesex County Sheriff's Department. Supporting the New Jersey Judiciary, InfoShare supports case and document management in the New Jersey Supreme Court, the New Jersey Appellate Court, the Office of Attorney Ethics and the Disciplinary Review Board. Expanding our services to other states, our clients include the Public Defender Department and the Public Regulation Commission in New Mexico, the Hawaii Department of Labor, the Oklahoma Department of Corrections and the North Carolina Department of Justice.
CSI - "Cutting Edge" Technology Solutions
CSI has always been on the cutting edge of technology. Since 1999, when we developed the innovative, rules-based  ASPsoft, which provided the infrastructure and user interface for the InfoShare application, making our products extremely customizable and easy to use.  CSI continues to embrace the latest trends with on-going, aggressive research and development, now delivering our case management systems on a .Net platform and providing mobile interfaces and cloud-based technology. Solutions for electronic filing and computer-aided dispatch with iPad integration are just some of the current offerings that showcase our innovative, yet technically sound, advances to support our government and public safety customers.
CSI - Poised for Leadership
CSI is the leader in providing software solutions to law enforcement and public agencies in New Jersey, our home state, and we are fast becoming recognized in other areas as providers of premier software for the public safety, judiciary and regulatory arena.
We have positioned ourselves for growth and leadership in this market by securing the following for our company and our customers:
·        A strong focus on customer needs: We partner with our clients in developing and enhancing our product offerings. We meet with our customers regularly, we hold user group meetings, we attend conferences and education seminars to remain current in the trends and needs in the public safety environment.
·      Highly trained software engineers: Our software engineers are highly skilled and receive continuous training in the latest technology. They know our product, they learn what is new in technology and they keep InfoShare running at optimum efficiency and with the latest advancements.
·       Dedicated customer support: We provide our customers with responsive and effective support for the products they have purchased. We are there when you need us and eager to help you!
·       Subject matter expertise: Many on our staff have decades of experience in the fields we serve. Police and fire-fighters, court administration managers, government managers and CIO’s… these are just a few of the hats CSI account managers have worn in the past. They bring their insight and subject knowledge to CSI to work with our engineers, to communicate with our clients in a way they understand and to contribute to the development of products that will serve our customers efficiently and effectively. Besides on-board staff expertise, we also enjoy consultation with Dr. Henry C. Lee, world-renown forensic scientist.
·       Community support: CSI has a history of community support. Check out our News page to see how we are constantly supporting and sponsoring law enforcement support organizations and other community efforts to make our world a better place.
As our Mission Statement says, we will continue to evolve with innovation and refinement built on research and experience. Our technical and client services teams are working together to provide existing and future clients with world-class applications. We are ready to be the most recognized provider of software for e-Government, revolutionizing services provided to the public.
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