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Our customers are our most valuable asset.
Our customers are our most valuable asset, and it is through our relationships with them that CSI has evolved into a leader in providing solutions for the public safety, judicial and regulatory government community. Since 1997, when we provided our first customer, the Atlantic County (NJ) Prosecutor’s Office, with a customized solution for its case management needs, CSI Technology Group has partnered with each client to provide the optimum system for handling their unique needs. Whether it is investigation and prosecution case management, court case processing, regulatory enforcement or intelligence security coordination, CSI’s modules are developed to efficiently and effectively support each agency.
Public Safety
CSI provides tools for local and regional law enforcement agencies to maintain citizen safety, reduce and report crime. We offer integrated products for officers to use, whether on the road or at the station. Electronic ticketing, Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Report Management Systems (RMS) enable law enforcement to search their own and external data bases, issue citations on the spot, share information with each other and outside agencies and provide a quick response to emergencies
In addition to many state organizations, all twenty-one county Prosecutor’s Offices in New Jersey use the rich features of InfoShare™’s Case and Document Management System to manage cases, gather intelligence, track sex offenders and further investigate and disrupt crime. Some Prosecutor’s Offices use InfoShare™ to share data with other law enforcement agencies in their area as well as with their own staff.
CSI’s Court Case and Document Management System/e-filing, providing case and document management features for all docket types. All court functionality is provided, from Intake (through paper or electronic filing of cases), to scheduling, fee processing and disposition. Complexities involved with calendaring, disqualification of judges, opinion handling, sealing and expungement and transcript processing are all accommodated. The eFiling solution provides private attorney, public defenders, and pro se filers to submit their case electronically.
Municipal Government
Developed in coordination with several NJ municipalities, CSI presents a vehicle for citizens to access the services your town provides without leaving their homes or placing a phone call! Citizens can log onto the portal anytime from anywhere they have an Internet connection and access the services of every municipal department!