INFOSHARE: Comprehensive Software Solutions for Public Safety, Judiciary and Regulatory Agencies

InfoShare, CSI Technology Group’s fully customizable solution designed for public safety, judiciary and regulatory agencies, will revolutionize office workflow, document management, communication and information sharing. InfoShare’s web-based platform provides a suite of services to our clients in state, county, and local agencies, integrating the most current technologies. Using XML and NIEM-compliant standards, providing integration of document imaging, digital recording and full iPad and Android compatibility, our Products can stand alone or work together to optimally and securely manage, analyze and share all of your department’s information, both internally and with your business partners.
After 20 years of partnering with government agencies, CSI has the experience and the advanced technology to provide our clients with the highest-performance, quality software solutions available. We aim to continually meet our clients’ demands and offer new solutions as technology advances and government requirements change to meet the needs of its citizens. 
CSI has joined with IJIS to support our mission of providing systems that improve collaboration and data sharing among law enforcement, public safety and judicial agencies
  • Client Relationships

    The CSI Technology Group understands that in today’s market, a successful company must possess an ability to help clients achieve their most ambitious goals and strategic objectives. CSI is committed to providing our clients with the most advanced, quality software solutions available in today’s industry, and deliver it with unsurpassed customer service.

     Considering today’s busy government agency administrators, CSI strives to build a long-term relationship with each client as an individual. The relationship between our clients and staff members, are CSI’s most important assets. Our goal is that our products meet each client’s demands efficiently and effectively.


  • Organization Optimization

    For over 20 years, CSI Technology has been a premier provider of case management software in the United States. Prior to installation, our project managers work with you to become familiar with your system and business requirements. We learn the different workflow requirements of various staff members, the security access levels throughout your organization and how to customize the features of our systems for use by different personnel. We consult with your management and user base to design an optimal fit before the system is launched and then design training so that each client experiences a powerful and effective application. We are committed to your success and providing you the tools to attain it!

  • Cost Savings

    CSI Technology Group has served government agencies since 1990, consistently offering cost-effective new services. We have established our reputation on successfully designing proficient software with robust capabilities, while retaining affordability.

    CSI Technology Group builds on Microsoft technology and tools, providing the ability to tailor any client product seamlessly to any existing network. Our products are also scalable to accommodate your entire enterprise, making your technology investment as comprehensive and economical as possible. Our maintenance coverage further protects your investment, keeping the software current and providing responsive support to cover to your needs.

  • Our Experience

    Twenty years ago CSI pioneered web-based technology in county prosecutors’ offices in New Jersey. After two decades of thinking creatively and partnering with our clients to solve their toughest technology challenges, CSI has grown to be a provider of innovative software for major government agencies throughout the US.  Dr, Henry Lee, one of the world’s foremost forensic scientists and Founder of the Forensic Science Program at the University of New Haven (Ct), has served as our expert consultant, supplementing our own staff’s subject matter expertise in law enforcement, judicial and government administration. Blending this expert knowledge with the technical expertise of our highly skilled system engineers provides a recipe for solutions delivering effectiveness, efficiency and lasting value.




At CSI, We are Here to Make a Difference
Our mission is to consistently prove our reputation as a leading supplier of innovative technology for government agencies. Focusing on high quality software, we offer a broad range of products for all areas of government agency operations.  We strive to support our clients’ goals of meeting citizen demands for swift response, fairness, and quality in delivering government services, while realizing agencies’ requirements to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of staff and resources.
With innovation and refinement built on research and experience, our technology will continually evolve and CSI will consistently offer competitively priced, technically advanced, high performance products.  CSI will continue to bring inspiration and innovation to government agencies through the use of our revolutionary products.